MarqVision (YC 21)

How can we efficiently & effectively protect creativity and innovation in a digital world?


MarqVision is an AI-powered platform for intellectual property and brand protection, using machine learning to combat counterfeits and infringements online. It enables brands to efficiently monitor and enforce their rights across digital platforms.

Scope of Work

User Research
User Testing



Product Design Intern
3 months

Problem Scope

Rapidly growing global counterfeit market

MarqVision is addressing the rapidly growing global counterfeit market by leveraging advanced AI technology to provide businesses with innovative solutions for identifying and combating counterfeit goods.

Annual rise in number of counterfeits

Counterfeits are the largest criminal enterprise in the world, with domestic and international sales of counterfeit and pirated goods totaling between an estimated $1.7 trillion and $4.5 trillion a year—a higher amount than either drugs or human trafficking.

Intricate seller network

Counterfeit seller networks are difficult to locate since they are constantly shifting, operating through various anonymous and transient online platforms to avoid legal consequences.

Seller painpoint

Detection itself is an arduous task, but law enforcement is nearly impossible

With overflowing # of social channels and listing volumes, it is challenging than ever to detect listings online and more so with enforcement.


Hybrid AI approach for faster detection

The new approach combines cutting-edge AI with human expertise to accelerate the identification of counterfeit products, enhancing the speed and accuracy of brand protection efforts.

Traditional approach

Tackle counterfeit issues offline at the manufacturer level which was costly, time consuming, and resource heavy.

MarqVision approach

With the right technology and innovation, it’s now possible to tackle the issue effectively at scale & speed.

Combating counterfeit

How it works: from detection to reporting

Efficient workflow that rapidly identifies counterfeit goods using AI technology and smoothly transitions to reporting these findings, enabling brands to take swift and informed actions against counterfeits.


Using Atomic Product Detections technology, it scans through millions of product listings with the right product category with remarkable accuracy.


Bring Gen AI into the enforcement process by automating the creation of documentation required to submit takedown notices to marketplaces.

Smart Reporting

Automatically generate and send demand letters to thousands of infringers globally, just at the touch of a finger.

Project Task I: Detection

Visualizing detections better

Seller mapping was created for clients to uncover deeper seller networks. Over time, we realized that a lot of the sellers are interconnected, and thus found the need to visualize all degrees of sellers in a web-like format.

Design Iteration

Limited info on sellers & their networks

The design of the original dashboard's listing view hindered users' ability to visualize sellers connections and types.

From a simple list to multi-level clusters

The new seller mapping dashboard allows clients to use intuitive visuals to form clusters based on similar seller data.

Project Task II: Enforcement

A next-gen data driven enforcement

In the sea of detections, inability to see which process the listing is undergoing has been a critical issue that has been brought up many times. In the new dashboard, users are able to view listings according to status types (detected, reported, enforced, and case closed). 

Design Iteration

Unclear status representation

Many clients reported that it’s difficult to know what each status actually represents. Does “enforced” mean that it has been taken to the police? Is there any way to view listing by status types?

Clear status denotation & a new side panel

The new dashboard allows clients to easily view listing by status types with a clear indication of sequence, and conveniently view both the listing + detail view in a single page.

Unleashing the power
of total brand defense

All-in-one enforcement hub

The new enforcement page allows users to quickly view and track actions taken against reported counterfeit items, organized by status type.

Smarter, stronger reporting

The new enforcement page displays actions on reported items by status, enabling easy monitoring and understanding of ongoing enforcement efforts.

Unveiling the network

This feature offers a novel visualization of sellers, categorizing them by their types of connections, enabling users to easily discern and analyze the relationships and networks among sellers.

Panorama for data-driven clarity

View all counterfeit detections and enforcement actions in one comprehensive overview.