How can we change the conversation about children in single-parent families?


Children can thrive in any family structure, and family structures can change over time. For many years, the conversation among researchers, advocates, policymakers and others regarding single-parent families has focused on how this family type might negatively affect children. What if, instead, we focused on what children need to thrive?

Scope of Work

User Research


Personal Project

2 months

Problem Scope

Stressors faced by single parent families

Single parent families often face unique stressors which can impact both the single parent and their children — highlighting the importance of support systems & resources to alleviate these pressures.

Research findings

Children in single-parent families

The number of children who live with a single parent — mother-only, father-only, or cohabiting parents — has been rising over the years.


Talking to single parents & children

Interview results with single parents and their children highlight several prominent stressors they face, and the need for accessible support system & resources emerged as a key theme in addressing these stressors.

Survey Results

What parents & children say

Exploring the primary stressors experienced by single parent families and their children by combining quantitative survey data with qualitative interview findings.


Our approach

Guided by the three pillars of connect, ask, and learn, we delve into the practical strategies and support mechanisms that offer insights into fostering positive outcomes within these unique family structures.

Competitive Analysis

How does community look like on other platforms?

Taking a look at the community feature within platforms like Reddit and Quora provides valuable insights into aspect of community. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of these online platforms, we can identify opportunities to foster even more effective support systems and enhance the well-being of single parent households.

Research Synthesis

Identifying pain points of our users

Built as a community for single parents & kids, asq invites families of all types to connect, ask, and learn from each other. This bond between parents & kids will help foster better, tighter knit relationships.

Research Synthesis

Interaction x Autonomy

How can asq foster meaningful interaction while respecting the individual autonomy of users, ensuring that it effectively addresses the unique needs & challenges?

Community for all family types

Exploring, empathizing, and connecting with your unique community

Discovering new groups through the Feed

Parents can view contents catered to their interests, browse trending topics in the community, and find new groups.

Discovering content through Search

Users will get to see posts and groups related to their search results.

Discovering groups and events through Connect

Connect allows users to discover new groups, manage your existing groups, and find upcoming events near you.

Creating a new post

Ask your question away and choose whether you only want it to be visible to parents or to kids. You can also select a specific category.

Feed for kids

Designed to provide a safe and age-appropriate space within the app where children can access content, activities, and information curated specifically for them.

Post detail page

Straightforward and concise & easily retrieve past sessions and journal entries.

Safety Center

Crucial component of the app that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all users. Moderators are able to review the reported listings, delete content, or suspend users.

Creating a new post

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My Page & Chat

Easily access your saved posts, groups, and start a conversation with other parents.